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Melinda Teague


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About Me

Educational History:


  • Graduated from McAllen High School at McAllen, Texas 1983
  • Graduated from Northeastern A&M College at Miami, Oklahoma 2004
  • Graduated from Northeastern State University at Tahlequah, Oklahoma 2007

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Associate of Science Degree in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education

Professional Development:

  • STEM
  • Sea Camp in Galveston, Texas
  • Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama
  • ​Framework for K-12 Science Education

Current Position:

Fall  2008             Resident teacher in 7th grade Science at Jay Middle School

2009-2012            SPED in the areas of Reading and Math at Jay Upper Elementary

2012 - present     Science Teacher for 7th and 8th grade at Jay Middle School School

Previous Position:

Pre 1 Internship - Jefferson Elementary School in Miami, Oklahoma, 2nd grade with Mrs. Alton

Pre 2 Intership - Colcord Elementary School in Colcord, Oklahoma, 5th grade with Mrs. Shackleford

Full Internship - Jay Middle School, 6th grade Social Studies with Mrs. Leah (McLain) Tyner

Family Information:

Trace and I were married on June 24, 1983 at McAllen, Texas.  We lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the first 10 years of our marriage.  I worked as a secretary at the Department of Animal and Poulttry Science, University of Arkansas. Trace is a Journeyman Plumber and Certified Welder for Multi-Craft Contractors (Springdale, AR).  Our daughter, Ashley was born in 1988.  In July 1996, we moved to Jay, Okllahoma.   We recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this summer.  Ashley attended kindergarten through high school here at Jay.  She graduated from high school in 2007 and graduated from Northeastern A&M College.  She married Dylan Dysart from Grove, Oklahoma.   We live on a farm approximately 10 miles east of Jay.  We have cattle, 4 beagles and Ashley's horse, Misty.  

Personal Information:

I enjoy teaching at Jay Middle Schoo!  One of my favorite things to do is travel! Some of my favorite places are Alaska, New York and Washington D.C.   I have alot of fun attending summer camps and workshops with my fellow science colleagues (Cindi Collins and Jennifer Daftari Goldner).  I like outdoor activities such as hiking, 4-wheeling and aquatic activities such as boating and kayaking.  My favorite landscapes are: waterfalls, mountains and oceans.  I also enjoy visiting historical landmarks, national parks and shopping at flea markets.  

Melinda Teague

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2:00-2:45 pm